Vacuum Pumps

masportPJ Repair Service is a dealer of Masport H and HXL Series air and liquid cooled pressure/vacuum pumps. Masport pumps offer many advantages to operators and owners of vacuum truck and trailer equipment. These proven performers are designed for a wide range of mobile and stationary applications that include septic tank pumping, commercial and hazardous liquid waste removal, oil field service, water hauling, car wash pit and grease trap cleaning. With pumps ranging from 19 C.F.M. @ 15″ Hg. to 410 C.F.M. @ 15″ Hg., Masport pumps can match your application requirements for any 1000-6000+ gallon vacuum truck or trailer.

Air Cooled Models

Masport H and HXL Series air cooled pumps provide continuous operation to 20″Hg. vacuum and 20 P.S.I.G. pressure with intermittent service to 27″ Hg. and 25 P.S.I.G. These models incorporate large cooling fins and heavy section cylinder for cooler operation under demanding conditions.

Liquid Cooled Models

Liquid cooled Masport H and HXL Series pumps offer continuous operation to 27″ Hg. vacuum and 30 P.S.I.G. pressure with intermittent service to 27″ Hg. and 35 P.S.I.G. Connecting the water jacket to the truck’s engine cooling system allows these pumps to operate at a constant temperature eliminating problems associated with heat buildup caused by long heavy lifts, extreme hot or cold weather conditions or high altitudes.